December 6th – (Re)Imagining Regionalism – Book Launch and SASAH Holiday Social

December 6 at 4 P.M.
McIntosh Gallery
Free admission

(Re)Imagining Regionalism – Book Launch and Holiday Social

Help us celebrate the remarkable talent and hard work of the people who contributed to (Re)imagining Regionalism edited by Joel Faflak and Sky Glabush. Faflak is a professor in the department of English at Western University, where he is also the Director of the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities and Chair of the McIntosh Gallery Committee. Glabush is a professor of studio art at Western University as well as an accomplished writer and visual artist who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Together, they carefully compiled the work of fourteen other extraordinary contributors to create a publication that departs from traditional anthologies by presenting creative writing pieces and discussion transcripts in addition to scholarly articles.

As the title indicates, (Re)imaging Regionalism seeks to examine the Regionalist movement in London during the 1960s – which was predominantly characterized by Greg Curnoe and Jack Chambers – in a new light. As a major event in London’s cultural history, Regionalism is often celebrated as a galvanizing force for the city’s creative sector. It focused attention on what it means to make art in a specific time and place.

In short, (Re)imagining Regionalism functions as a meeting place for the exchange of ideas between the many people influenced by the legacy of Regionalism. It will be available to purchase for $20 at the launch. This anthology makes a great gift for art lovers and Londoners alike.

A full list of contributors to (Re)imagining Regionalism is as follows: D. M. R. Bentley, Paul Butler, Joel Faflak, Robert Fones, Sky Glabush, Sky Goodden, Jason Hallows, Patrick Howlett, Madeline Lennon, Lucy Lippard, Patrick Mahon, Jason McLean, Robert McKaskell, Kim Neudorf, Judith Rodger and Ross Woodman.


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