This is a home-studio recording of the song “Prisoner”. It was written with the mental image of a mind tormented by knowledge but I also intended to create a piece that people could make their own on a personal level.

It is a strong example of how specific experiences and exact moments in time can be captured through two important loves in my life; music and writing. These experiences and moments grow into recollections of the mind that connect to ideas and values universal to humanity. Ideas and values like; life is worth living in the face of people who would rather see you suffer.

Realisation is the essence that lies just beyond my idea for “Prisoner”. I hoped it would be a sort of reverse-psychology approach to understanding how people and systems can trap us and subject us to a specific comfort zone. It’s my belief that comfort does not equal peace and often times comfort zones are directly connected to conflict zones.

This was written a while ago, but it’s the first time I’ve shared this recording.


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