SASAH Advisory Council Meeting


November 10th 2014

Students had the opportunity to participate in an engaged discussion with members of the SASAH Advisory Council. Discussion ranged, touching on a number of topics: how to apply the skills gained through an arts degree to a number of different careers, how to balance family and personal life with a high-profile academic career, how to apply academic theory to grassroots social movements and communities, how to narrate the story of your successes and failures etc. Students gained insight from hearing about the career and life paths of council members Owen Charters, Mary Hofstetter, Sean Keith, and Madeline Lennon.

After the meeting portion of the afternoon, students, council members, and SASAH research fellows got the chance to chat and mingle. The incredibly inspirational discussions ranged from how to create a new model for effective internships, to feminism and gender roles in the workplace, to the value of international travel and learning, and beyond.

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