Submission Guidelines

If you are a student, faculty member, or advisory council member at the school and you would like to submit work to be published here on the blog please read the following guidelines.


Submitting to the SASAH Blog

Creative writing, formal research, informal reflections, opinion articles, reviews (art/film/music etc.), and all artistic projects (visual, graphic, music, video) are welcome submissions.

If you are submitting work please consider the following:

  1. Long submissions should be no more than  6,000 words.
  2. Short submissions should be no less than 500 words. (note, this only applies to research or journalistic essays)
  3. Please give your work a thoughtful and interesting title
  4. Submit in word.doc or document.pdf format if you are submitting a written piece.
  5. Make your best effort to spell check and review your writing.
  6. Attach any pictures that you would like added to your writing.
  7. If you have a preference, please outline in your document where you would like your pictures.
  8. If you are submitting media please clearly identify your attachments.
  9. All pictures should have an image credit.
  10. If you are submitting a media focused project please include any written documentation (reflection, review, information etc.).
  11. If you are referencing another person’s work or if you are presenting facts and data, please make your sources available to the reader.
  12. For a style guideline please visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab for an edition of the Associated Press Style.

All submission should be sent directly with explanation and attachments via email to


The editorial team will review all submissions and respond with any necessary comments before scheduling publication. You can contact the editorial team directly through the blog contact page.