The concept of the individual is open in nature. As a result, in order to gain a better understanding of the intricacies that separate one person from another, one must examine the factors that define a person’s identity. One such aspect, which we have examined in class over the past month, is the triumphs and failures that comprise the individual. Triumphs and failures can encompass a menagerie of meanings, applicable in both a personal and public setting. In the course we have analysed literature that questions the private struggle of the individual between sanity and madness, as well as the broader moral standards that individuals adhere to in varying degrees. Perhaps a lesson that can be taken away from this learning experience is that the path of the individual is based on a continuous series of successes and failures in all areas of life, each serving as an experience that contributes to the uniqueness we associate with the concept of the individual. The following poems and artwork serve to illustrate the variety of ways in which one can triumph or fail.

We hope you will enjoy the following creative interpretations of this theme.

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