Welcome Back!

Hello interested readers and contributors and welcome to another year of the SASAH Blog,

We would like to first and foremost thank SASAH Blog founder and former editor Julia Sebastien for the innumerable hours of work and thought that she has dedicated to this site over the last four years. Julia, alongside her team, inspired and designed the hub for student sharing and publishing that is the blog today and we wish them all the best in their post-graduate endeavours. With that being said we are proud to introduce ourselves, Julia Albert, Harsh Patankar and Andrew Fullerton as the new editorial team in charge of the SASAH Blog going forward. 

With new editorship comes an opportunity to expand the expressive capacity of the SASAH Blog. With a renewed focus on student expression, we hope to continue providing a safe intellectual space for student thought and creativity. While the blog has previously been largely occupied by academic contributions, we are excited to be dedicating more focus and more web-space to the wide array of artistic abilities and passions within the four active cohorts at Western University. 

We are thrilled to be dividing the contribution feed into three distinct areas going forward:

Academic Work

  • This section of the site will see to the continued publication of standout in-class assignments  and projects from SASAH students.
  • These include, but are not limited to essays, reflection pieces, poetry fragments, visual arts projects, etc. 

Humanities Discussion

  • This section will feature opinion pieces form SASAH students about a variety of topics relevant to the arts and humanities, global issues and pop culture  — this may be a discussion of politics, a critique of Post Malone’s most recent album and anything in between. It is encouraged to engage with one another here, provided it is done in a respectful, school-appropriate manner. 
  • A more thorough, updated posting policy will be posted in the coming days.

Passion Projects

  • It is here where we really hope to set SASAH students free, and allow them to express themselves through a variety of means. These may include, but are not limited to: visual arts, music, poetry, dance, videography, graphics, photography, etc. 

Look for big changes in the next few weeks!

– Julia, Harsh and Andrew

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