Forest City Culture Crawl

September 27th, 2014

SASAH students spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon touring the cultural hubs of London, Ontario. Stops on our tour included DNA Artspace, a newly opened art gallery featuring interesting exhibitions, Heritage Walking Tour guided by the Architectural Conversancy of Ontario, on which we learned about the designs and history of London’s downtown core, The Arts Project, which is a multi-use arts and theatre space which houses art exhibitions, artists-in-residence, art classes for all skill levels and theatrical productions, and Aeolian Hall, which boasts a full concert series each year as well as ground-breaking El Sistema music program for children in the area. This 4th Hour session was an invaluable introduction to the arts community in London, as well as an opportunity for SASAH students to begin to reach out and get involved in their community in valuable and creative ways.

Forest City Culture Crawl, September 27th, 2014 Schedule and Map

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