Lecture from Professor James Murphy

October 24th, 2013: Professor Jerry Murphy

Professor Jerry Murphy gave a lecture that made each student question everything from their position in the classroom to their entire existence.

“On October 24th, Professor James Murphy came to Western University for a 4th hour SASAH session. He began by asking us a simple question: “why are you all sitting down?” My answer was that we were sitting because of the design of the room. The SASAH room is set up with about twenty-five individual desk-chairs, and three white boards at the front of the room. So, clearly, the design of the room suggests that the students are to sit in the desks while the teacher lectures at the front. I was sitting down because, in the setting of the SASAH room, it felt natural to do so.

It is very important that we think about what it means to live well. It is a very complex subject, as Professor James Murphy’s presentation showed. For example, is living well the same thing for every body? Does living well mean the same thing for every culture? A great virtue of SASAH is that it provides students with the motivation, the guidance, and the resources to adequately confront complicated questions.”

-Nick Pincombe, SASAH Student

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