Levi Hord named Recipient of 2018 Rhodes Scholarship

Levi Hord, a fourth year student in the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities, has been named the recipient of the 2018 Rhodes Scholarship. Hord’s astounding academic and extracurricular involvement is best highlighted through projects such as; gender neutral language in transgender communitiesuncovering lost history at woodland cemetery, poetry and spoken word in London Ontario, and Creativitea – a creative writing group for students in SASAH.

Recognizing a student for their work – the ideas and conclusions that stem from hours of study, the relationships and skills that grow from extracurricular involvement – this truly is a reason to celebrate. Even more so when the recognition marks an effort by the selective powers that be to acknowledge change and to include new perspectives and meaning.

Hord’s plan is to continue studies through a double master’s program in women’s studies and political theory or digital identities. To see how far his scholarship legacy has progressed – Cecil John Rhodes might turn in his grave. The same man who established De Beers Consolidated Mines, and was a proponent of white supremacy through British settler colonialism, established through his will the legacy of the Rhodes Scholarship. Over the course of 100 years, the scholarship has expanded and progressed to grant student applicants from all over the world and of all identities a full post-graduate experience at Oxford University.

As a sexuality studies major at Western University and SASAH, Levi Hord’s primary research focus is on the use of gender-neutral language in transgender communities, and how differing grammatical gender systems can generate different expressions of identity. This focus embodies Hord’s attempts to break through the social and intellectual barriers for those who identify themselves outside of a binary gender system.

The Rhodes Scholarship is recognized among the world’s most prestigious awards. Levi Hord was awarded one of the 11 scholarships available in Canada and one of the two available in Ontario.

The students and faculty of SASAH congratulate and celebrate Hord’s dedication to creativity and to the Arts & Humanities as an essential form of academic, cultural, and social advocacy!

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