Squalls of Glass takes London by Storm: Playwright Meg Cormack Answers Questions About Upcoming Theatrical Performance

An artistic work to capture the colossal metaphor of violent storms as inner struggles; Meg Cormack’s play Squalls of Glass will take The Arts Project by storm next week in London Ontario. The story follows members of a theatre company as they struggle to finish a musical. This musical is an attempt to come to terms with profound loss and as their lives have been knocked askew, their burdens begin to blur the faint divide between the real world and the psychological.

This production involves the hard-work and talent of several students and faculty at Western University and it breaches a topic that strikes home for far to many students today; mental health. Because of the seriousness and complexity of mental health issues Squalls of Glass as a narrative piece will no doubt prove difficult to navigate, but through this piece you may discover art. Art not presuming to be about the truth, and yet through invention, innovation and talent binding us together as responsible creators and responsive consumers.

As part of a preview for the upcoming performances, Meg graciously offered to answer a handful of questions for our readers.

From what I understand, Squalls of Glass originated from your work in a course as part of the resurrected Theatre Studies program at Western University and premiered last year in February 2016. One year later, as you put the finishing touches on the performance this month, can you say something about the artistic journey involved in this theatrical work? What was it like, on a personal level and also as a team? Have things changed since the beginning?

What can you tell us about the title of the play? Squalls of Glass, is this in reference to any particular parts of the play, or perhaps an overarching theme?

This work deals with a variety of questions that have to do with mental health. Can you explain what some of those questions are? How do the the artistic elements of the play connect to these themes of mental health?

For students, questions surrounding mental health have become increasingly important and we’re seeing a demand for more resources from educational institutions. Do you think the arts, specifically the arts & humanities faculties at universities, have a role to play in the development and provision of mental health resources? What might that role be?

When you go:

Wednesday, February 15 at 8 PM
Thursday, February 16 at 8 PM

$15 Adult
$10 Students or Seniors

Advance tickets also available by calling the box office at 519-642-2767

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Squalls of Glass, written by Meg Cormack

Members of a theatre company struggle to finish a musical in order to come to terms with profound loss. Their lives have been knocked askew, and their burdens begin to blur the faint divide between the real world and the psychological.

Starring: Meg Cormack, Michelle Dumont, Colin Ennis, Jacek Orzylowski, Jesyka Traynor and Mykelti Whiting

All ticket proceeds go to the Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex (CMHA Middlesex).

Directed by Matthew Butler
Edited by Jesyka Traynor
Original Music by Matthew Rodnick
Produced by George Ramos

This play is produced and performed by Western students and alumni with the generous support of the Department of English and Writing Studies, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Hume Cronyn Funds for dramatic performances, and the Arts and Humanities Student Council.

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