The Peter Pan Complex

Dessa Hayes’ poem looks at nostalgia through the eyes of the individual, touching upon themes of childhood and the fear of growing into an adult in her title, ‘The Peter Pan Complex’:


The Peter Pan Complex

When present woes torment my soul,

Power chord anthems are my relief,

Where teenage angst and social grief

Are shared with Chucks and tubes of kohl.

With double digits on the brink,

We were blithe and carefree, diehard fans

Of Dickies and sweatbands, spiked hair and new Vans,

When we threw up our rock hands for Green Day and Blink.

A decade passed, yet I remain

A black-clad mourner of this scene,

Poisoned by the bitter bane

Of growing up and coming clean.

For Peter Pan laboured in vain,

Punk rock’s coma is routine.

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